Family Values


A family, whether it’s a Father, Mother, Husband, Wife and/or Children, are not granted to everyone. There are many, many people that would love to have someone to come home to, to snuggle close to in bed, to talk to when there’s a problem, to share joys with, to laugh at a funny joke, to watch movies together with, to watch as they grow and mature, to be proud of their accomplishments, to discipline them when they do wrong, to see them start their own family, and so on and so on….There are so many benefits to family life, too many to list.

The point is that we really need to value family and what we have. Too often we don’t see the value in something we already have until it is no longer available to us. We need to treasure these very precious and unique souls that have been placed in our lives. Don’t waste the moments given to us to share.

-Excerpt from God’s Dynamics: Biblically Building Families

“Let’s build Biblical families together!”

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Karen Elaine Stewart, a native of Jamaica, West Indies, is a wife, a doting mother, and a thriving author. Along with her husband, Samuel, she has founded the series ‘God’s Dynamics: Family Building’ in which they offer devotional commentaries and share real-life family experiences designed to encourage, strengthen, and enrich the lives of many.