The Be-Attitudes: Women and the Many Faces We Wear

The Be-Attitudes: Women and the Many Faces We Wear

In her new book, The Be-Attitudes: Women & the Many Faces We Wear, Karen helps women to find their peace on the rollercoaster of emotions, struggles, frustrations and hopelessness that many women face as they try to do it all. Through the “attitudes” she teaches her readers to find their balance point.

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“Wow! The Be-Attitudes: Women and The Many Faces We Wear is a book for women of all walks of life. This book is an amazing read. It’s packed with powerful insight and scriptural guidance. I encourage you to not only read The Be-Attitudes, but also apply the life changing principles for better attitudes. I know it was God’s will for me to read this book. I’m moving forward in new confidence, committed to improving my attitudes and excited about functioning at my peak as a woman of God, wife, mother, sister, aunt and in all the relationships I’ve been blessed with.”

~ Danyette Randolph,
Youth Church Coordinator,
Temple of Radiant Light

“The Be-Attitudes is Absolutely Amazing, Transforming, Inspirational, Thought-provoking, Unique, Dynamic, Easy to read and Spiritual! Ladies, The Be-Attitudes is a must read.”

~ Jacqueline Alleyne,
Author of “Praying Kids”

“This book gives new meaning to “our Attitude affects our Altitude.” We’ve picked up many faces and attitudes along the way like “harmless” hitchhikers only to find out, they’re armed and dangerous. It’s time to release them and recognize the danger we’re in if we continue to keep moving with them. This book is full of not only Biblical truths but real life–changing truths about how we as women have hung on to our Attitudes as our weapons of defense not realizing they have backfired on us. My life was exposed on these pages; yet sometimes exposure brings healing which results in a well-balanced life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This book brings understanding to real issues, healing, encouragement and wisdom to not only help us as women but also those we are connected to through relationships. If you want a checkup from the chest up, this book is a must read, believe me!”

~ Pastor Sylvia Kearney,
The Church of The New Covenant

“Truly gifted writer….every woman needs to read this book! Validated my emotions and liberated me to be just me. I am a better wife, mother, and sister after reading The Be-Attitudes.”

~ Paulette A. Stewart, M.D.

“The Be-Attitudes: Women and The Many Faces We Wear is a biblical and encouraging book. I appreciated the transparency and candidness of the author. It’s a must read for women of all ages in pursuit of balance and holiness.”

~ Gale Davis, Woman of God,
Wife of Pastor John Davis
(Amityville Community Church)

“The connection I felt while reading this book, The Be-Attitudes: Women and The Many Faces We Wear, from cover to cover, was surreal. It was as if the author was speaking directly to me because she has walked a mile in my shoes. I truly believe that God brings things to us right on time. This book that God has gifted Karen Elaine Stewart to write is right on time. I recommend that all women read it. Get your tissues, post-its and highlighters ready!”

~ Lisa Thomas, Mom, Teacher,
Grade Level Leader,
Building Leadership Team,
Girl Scout Troop Leader

“This book “The Be-Attitudes: Women & The Many Faces We Wear” is such an inspiring book. I am definitely a fan. Karen was raw and open about her life, feelings and family. This book will not only be an inspiration to the church world but to the non-church world as well. For it is a common misconception held by some that as Christians, because we serve the Lord, we are somehow immune to challenges or things are always “peachy” with us. The Be-Attitudes dispels that myth. Karen’s candor allows us to see that as followers of Christ we aren’t perfect, but we are indeed forgiven. It’s our walk with Him that allows us to address those issues, such as our attitudes, and overcome them with His Word. I believe everyone, not just women, can draw strength and encouragement from this book.”

~ Judy Lewis, Th.M., B.R.E.