Honey Days: “Just You and I”



Husbands and wives, one of the greatest things you can do for your marriage is to continue to date…..each other of course 🙂  It adds a refreshing – unique moments of spontaneity.  It also keeps the excitement current.  I know, children and all our other responsibilities demand our time.  What about the original two?  Growth apart can sometimes come as the result of not relishing in those “just you and I” moments.  Moments where your focus is solely spent nurturing and feeding your original relationship apart from the world you created together.  Sometimes our communication time gets drowned out in voices of our every day activities and our every day circle.  There has to be a balance. Make the time!  Spice things up!!!! Your relationship will be better for it.

My husband and I got the opportunity to go out to dinner and see the Broadway play “Aladdin” (a gift, courtesy of our children – God bless them!) We had an amazing evening!  The show was great! What felt good though was just the simple fact of being able to walk together hand in hand without having to count that all the children were there, sitting down to eat without the baby asking for everything off your plate :), making excessive bathroom trips during the show, etc. Yes, it’s great, as I wrote about before, to spend time together as family, but it is just as important (even healthy for the family as a whole) for husbands and wives to create those special moments reconnecting, relaxing and communicating together.

“Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto her husband.”  – I Corinthians 7:3

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Karen Elaine Stewart, a native of Jamaica, West Indies, is a wife, a doting mother, and a thriving author. Along with her husband, Samuel, she has founded the series ‘God’s Dynamics: Family Building’ in which they offer devotional commentaries and share real-life family experiences designed to encourage, strengthen, and enrich the lives of many.